Slick ER700 Firmware Upgrade 1.3.8

05/01/11- Corrects the “UnKnown Error” message received during the reading process.
Follow these instructions to install the latest firmware upgrade for the ER700 eReader. 

Please note: this firmware upgrade will erase ALL files on the eReader.  We recommend that you save all of your files to your computer’s hard drive before proceeding.  Your purchased e-Books will still be saved to your Border’s account where you can retrieve and re-sync them to your ER700 eReader when the firmware upgrade is complete.

  1. 1. Click the “Download” button next to ER700 Firmware Update* on the Slick support page

    The following screen will open:
  1. 2. Click “Save” then select your computers desktop as the location to save the file to.

    The following screen will open:

  1. 3. Click “Close”.   

  2. 4. Go to your desktop and extract the file: “ER700-2 update firware_RK2729_V1.3.8_3L_EN_20110415_slick

Note: you will need to have a zip program such as 7-Zip, WinZip or WinRAR to unzip the files. Download 7-zip Here

  1. 5. Connect the ER700 eReader to your computer’s USB port.  You can close the “Autorun” if it appears.

  2. 6. Go to your desktop and open the folder “ER700-2 update firware_RK2729_V1.3.8_3L_EN_20110415_slick

  3. 7. The following screen will appear:

  4. 8. Open the file “RK28BatchUpgrade”.  The following screen will appear:

  5. 9. Click “Switch”. The Device Upgrade Area Box 1 will turn green.

  6. 10. Click “Upgrade”.  The Device Upgrade Area Box 1 will turn yellow during the upgrade process.  Do not unplug the ER700 during this process.

  7. 11. When finished upgrading the Device Upgrade Area box 1 will turn RED.

  8. 12. Click “Exit” then unplug your ER700 eReader from your computer using the computer’s “Safe device removal” tool.  Your ER700 eReader has now been upgraded with the latest firmware version 1.3.8.  You may now copy all of your original files back to the eReader.  To retrieve your purchased eBooks, connect the ER700 to your computer, open the border’s Desktop Application and click “Sync”.